Smartlaptop, webshop belonging to the Belgian company SHS Computer ( offers you (strictly new) laptops in simplified version, without manual or CD. (All this content is of course downloadable from the official ASUS website).

The "ASUS Renew" machines come from batches that have been recertified by ASUS (complete testing of the hardware and its components) and repackaged directly by the manufacturer.

These computers can come from :

  • Batches whose packaging has been damaged during transport.
  • stock of new PCs for exchange and repair released by ASUS because model no longer under warranty and/or too much stock to cover the remaining warranty period.
  • From end of series and/or end of stock.

These machines are offered at very competitive prices, up to 30% or even 40% off the current market value.

The equipment is also double-checked in our workshops, guaranteeing you a machine in full working order at the time of purchase.

Laptops from ASUS Renew lots are guaranteed by SHS for 2 years.